Alexis’ Public Lecture: Wissen um 11 – ‚Handtuch-Kriege‘ und die ‚Strand-Krankheit‘: Institutionelle Korruption und die Tourismusökonomie

The lecture is live on the 11th of Feb 2023 (at 11:00) in the Haus der Wissenschaft (Bremen) and is also made available in YouTube. The lecture is held in German.

Wissen um 11


The global growth of the tourism sector over the last decades has highlighted its potential as a growth strategy for developing and emerging countries. The attractiveness of a tourism-led structural transformation lies in the possibility of attracting outside capital and generating substantial revenues even under unfavourable infrastructural, economic and social conditions. However, empirical evidence shows that the competitiveness, potential and transformational success of tourism varies widely from country to country. Developing countries, relying on tourism for their economic development are hit particularly hard by corruption, as corruption implies tax and reputation losses ultimately leading to visitor dissatisfaction. Corruption is regarded as a predominantly systemic phenomenon that can be tackled in the medium term through improved legislation and policing and in the longer term through changing behavioural patterns. In his presentation, the Prof.Dr.Dr.cAlexis Papathanassis will explain why introducing appropriate anti-corruption structures and measures at the local level may well be more effective (and more realistic) than trying to fight or eliminate corruption at the national, cross-sectoral level.

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