NEW BOOK: Yellow Tourism – Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector

Our newest book is out.  This book, summarises the proceedings of the 1st Yellow Tourism Conference, which took place in Corfu (Greece) during April 27-29, 2017.  The aim of this inaugural conference was to create an interdisciplinary ‘research-space’ for understanding tourism-related corruption, whilst initiating the formation of a corresponding international network of tourism academics and practitioners.  The main theme of the conference (and title of this book) was coined ‘Yellow Tourism’, borrowing from Dostoevsky’s novel ‘Crime & Punishment’ the symbolism of the colour ‘yellow’ and its association with corruption and decay.

According to the publisher (Springer):

“This book presents the latest research and novel case studies on crime and corruption in the tourism and hospitality industry. It approaches tourism as both a globalised business impacting the livelihood of millions of people, and a highly challenging field of action for national legislators and law enforcement agencies. The global nature and ubiquity of tourism, as well as the core elements of the holiday experience – such as interactions with unknown environments and places, a care-free mind-set, novelty-seeking behaviour and anonymity – render it highly susceptible to victimisation, crime and corruption. Accordingly, the book addresses a comprehensive set of emerging issues, including: conflict and fraud during holidays; criminal and negligence offences at tourists’ expense; exploitation and mistreatment of service workers; deterioration of heritage, cultural and natural resources; and securitisation of tourism.”

The book is available as hard copy or as an eBook in both Amazon and Srpinger


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