Academics on Cruises and the COVID19 Crisis: The past, present and future of Cruising

While the COVID19 has put the world economy at a halt, the big questions facing tourism and cruises assume center-stage. Like most crises, this one brings forward the ‘characters’ of individuals, as well as organisations and industries. Here you can listen to an excellent podcast from ABC Radio (Australia), featuring international academic personalities, on the […]

“Stop whining and start cracking”: Tourism must STEP UP and contribute to the FIGHT against the COVID-19

The COVID19 is a capacity crisis. It is all about ensuring that the available capacities of hospital beds and health personnel can meet the ‘demand’ created by the outbreaks. Managing global capacities of beds and transporting people is what the tourism and cruise sector do best. Here instead of ‘whining’, about empty capacities and money […]

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