Cruises & Overtourism: Alexis’ Keynote during the Hamburg Cruise Days Business Deck Event

The way forward… Aufrichtigkeit!!!

The overtourism phenomenon (or better collection of phenomena) is not new. The externalities of tourism have been extensively researched since the 70s!!! Nevertheless – and sadly enough – it has required a media-hype and a catchy term for those to be perceived as attention-worthy by the tourism and cruise sector. Perhaps the tourism and cruise sector are taking more than their fair-share of ‘shaming’, but either way… at the end of the day, the key is to actively address the real problems at a local-, case-by-case, manner, as opposed to reacting to populism with equally generalistic and abstract reports and objectives.

The problems are place- and time-specific… thus, so should be the solutions too. Not in 2030 or 2040, but now!

My presentation can be downloaded here

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